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Providing reliable service to the Franklin area since 1980

Crutcher’s was started in 1980 when my father, Milton Crutcher, went into business for himself with the help of my mother Brenda. Prior to going into business he had been professionally working on cars since he was a teenager in the 1960s. Since then he has been taking care of Franklin and the surrounding areas automobiles. We still have many customers that have done business with him all along.

Today we are in the second generation at Crutcher’s as I am managing the business but they are both still very involved in the daily operations. I started by taking out the trash after school as a kid, then started helping with the cars and was a full time tech for several years until I went to work in the computer industry. It was a great field but it can be tough if you value your time at home. So after some careful consideration I returned to help the parents after their previous service manager retired. Now I can stay home with my wife and young son who may one day take us into a third generation of Crutcher’s. Until then I’ll do all I can to build on what my dad has achieved by treating people fairly and being as honest as possible with our customers.

We are here for the long haul and don’t have a generic or franchise name to hide behind, Crutcher’s is exactly who we are and we will do what it takes to try and please every customer that walks through our door. It is very easy to find a place to have your automotive work done but we would like to think we are one of a very few with the values and ethics that people deserve. We try to help every customer understand what their car needs so they can make an educated decision about what repairs and service to perform and what can be delayed.

If you leave satisfied which is our ultimate goal, please tell your friends and family about us as referral is how we have survived all these years, but if you leave dissatisfied for some reason please let us know as it is the only way that we can correct the problem and make things right for you and our other customers. You can contact us directly by phone or email or you can leave feedback anonymously on our website. If there is every anything we can do please let us know.

Please check us out online at where you can find info about what’s new at Crutcher’s, information on how the various systems of automobiles work, view online only specials, leave feedback for us or request an appointment for service.